This is our 3 Degree program where you will learn how to create your own personal path.

The First Degree
The Second Degree
The Third Degree

  • Learn a little about our degree program, what it is about and what you need to do to join the program

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  • The Degree Program is an in-depth study. During your time in this series you will be creating your own personal path.

    In this class you will be learning the history, exploring different forms of practice, learn about the tools used in practice as well as working with Deities. This is the foundation for your own personal path. Though you may be a solitary you will be asked to participate in online rituals, study halls and discussions. At the end of this class you will be able to use the title Dedicate.

    This class has space for 9 students

    For the class key, contact Colleen Criswell

    Items Needed:
    • A journal or Book of Shadows

    Optional: The Moonlit Path Study Guide:


    Print Version

    Kindle Version



    You Must Provide Certificates of Completion for the Following:
    • The Hall Pass

    • Altars
    • Basic Elements series
    • Basic Wicca 101
    • Correspondences of Spellcrafting Series
    • Creating a Book of Shadows
    • Creating an Altar and Tools
    • Creating Ritual Wear
    • Creating Your Own Spells
    • Ethics

    • God Studies class (one of your choice)
    • The Goddess Project Series OR The God Project Series
    • Goddess Studies class (one of your choice)
    • Magickal Names
    • Making Magickal Ink
    • Meditation 101
    • Moon Musings 100
    • Symbols
    • Pathworking (one of your choice)
    • Wheel of the Year 100
    • Witch Crafting 101
    • Pinterest Pagans
    • Mentor In Training Certificate
    • 1000 word essay on why you are drawn to this path, what you hope to get out of the class and what you feel being Pagan and/or Wiccan mean to you
    • The Application located in The Moonlit Path Degree Program Information class






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