Esbat Feasts
Sabbat Feasts

  • Learn how to turn an ordinary meal magickal. Learn how to use basic everyday items in a new way!


    This Class Has Space for 10 Students

    For the class key, contact Colleen Criswell

    Items Needed:

    • Basic cooking supplies
    • A kitchen
    • An area to host a small dinner party
    • at least 3 friends
    • Access to music, decoration, and so on.

    You Must Provide Certificates of Completion for the Following:

    • The Entrance Exam
    • Creating Your Own Spells
    • Symbols
    • Correspondences of Spellcrafting 101
    • Altars
    • The Spice Rack 103
    • The Herb Rack 103

    Class Pack Available!

  • In this class we will be going over some more advanced workings as a Kitchen Witch. You will be focusing more on figuring out recipes and their magickal purposes, discussing using herbs and creating things for specific energies.

    This class has space for 9 students

    For the class key, contact Colleen Criswell

    Items Needed:

    You must provide Certificates of Completion for:

    • Entrance Exam (Hall Pass)
    • Kitchen Witch: Basics
    • The Spice Rack Series
    • Witch Crafting 101
    • Creating Your Own Rituals
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