Automatic Writing
Paranormal Investigation
Totems and Spirit Animals

  • This class will give you knowledge on ghosts, spirits, entities and poltergeists. You will learn about the Ouija Board's history (fact and fiction), its use as a divination tool to tap into the subconscious mind, how to respectfully and safely use a board, and how to make your own board and pointer.

    This class has space for 9 students.

    To join this class please contact Laura Sireci Roman

    Items Needed:

    • A Ouija Board (or materials to make your own)
    • A pointer (or materials to make your own)
    • The two following movies or access to movie rentals
      • The Entity (1982)
      • Witchboard (1985)

    You must provide Certificates of Completion for:

    • Hall Pass (Entrance Exam)

    There is a class pack available

  • Meet your spirit guides, learn how to have a personal relationship with them and what they can do for you.

    This course is a 15 Week class.  You will be doing a lot of mediation work and a lot of practice worrk.   So, since you are doing a lot of meditation work in this class, make sure you are not doing any other classes with a lot of meditation, spell or ritual work at the same time.

    This Class Has Space for 10 Students

    For the class key, contact Minnie Eerin

    Items Needed:

    • Pen or pencil and paper
    • A quiet spot
    • Basic ritual tools
    • A new blank journal or scrap book
    • Speakers and ability to watch You Tube videos
    • Divination Tools

    You must provide Certificates of Completion for:

    • The Entrance Exam
    • Meditation 101
    • Creating a Book of Shadows
    • Creating Your Own Spells
    • A Divination Course of your Choice

    There is a class pack available

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