• In this course you will learn how to create soul art. Learn to tap deep into your soul, and create beautiful art by speaking through your spirit. Soul art is not about technique, so you don't need to be an advanced artist to create in this course. You can have zero art experience whatsoever and still create beautiful works of art. You will learn about art therapy and healing, how to create art using your body parts, how to create an art journal, how to create a found words journal, how to create vision boards, how to create self care squares, and learn how to align your chakras through art.

    This Class Has Space for 10 Students


    To join this class please contact Laura Sireci Roman lsireciroman@gmail.com

    Items Needed:
    • Basic arts and crafting supplies - you are welcome to use any medium you want with this class, so if you like painting... paints will work, if you like making collages... you will probably need magazines, if you like making paper mache sculptures... you will need newspaper and chicken wire... Markers, pens, etc. So whatever crafting materials you have will work for this course!
    • A blank art journal (at least an 8-10" size or bigger and you will probably not want lines on the pages)
    • An inspirational book which you will be using to create art with (so don't pick a book that is a signed first edition or extremely expensive as you will be turning it into a work of art!) You will learn more about this in the class so it's OK to start the class without it
    • Large paper or several sheets of posterboard
    • Old magazines
    • solid colored cardstock
    • patterned paper
    • scissors
    • glue / glue sticks or rubber cement
    • Popsicle stick(s)
    • clear tape
    You must provide Certificates of Completion for:
    • Hall Pass (Entrance Exam)
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