• So much more than your normal crafting course! Come explore the world of household lore, customs of old and new, work with deities, start your own household organization, and learn about the magickal boundaries that rule our magickal households. All while making:

    • Your personal family Hex Sign
    • A Purification Potpourri
    • A Besom
    • A Pentacle Spell Wreath
    • A Doormat
    • A Beaded Candlestick(s)
    • An Animal Project
    • A Wheel of the Year Project
    • And a Herb Infused Holy Water
    This class has space for 10 students

    For the class key, contact Savanna Moon


    Items Needed:

    • A Wide Variety of Crafting Items
    • Ability to use YouTube
    • Camera
    • Herbs and Oils

    You Must Provide Certificates of Completion for the Following:

    • Entrance Exam
    • Cleansing Methods
    • Symbolism
    • Moon Musings: Understanding and Working with the Moon
    • Correspondences of Spellcrafting 104
    • Wheel of the Year: Introduction to the Sabbats
    • Witch Crafting: Basic Crafts 101
  • Learn how to make your home Pagan friendly! Fun and easy crafts for you to make each room in your home just a little more magickal!

    This class has space for 10 students

    For the class key, contact Savanna Moon at tmcsavannamoon@gmail.com

    Items Needed:

    • Basic crafting supplies
    • Access to herbs, oils, and gemstones
    • A way to send photos
    In this class you will be making:
    • A Simulated Stain-Glass Mirror
    • Star Coasters
    • A Triple-Moon Suncatcher
    • Aromatic Spiral Trivets
    • Festival Feast Bowl
    • Painted Wine Glasses and Carafe
    • Lavender Soap Balls
    • Mosaid Bathroom Accessories
    • Drawer Satchel
    • Fabric Covered Dream Journal
    • A Banner
    • A Painted Plant Pot
    • A Quillow

    You must provide Certificates of Completion for:
    • Entrance Exam
    • Witch Crafting 101 Basic Crafts
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