• In this class you will learn how to create magickal knitting projects. Even if you are new at knitting or have never knitted before, these are simple projects you can create.

    You will learn the basics of magickal knitting, how to cast on stitches, basic knitting and purl stitches, how to read patterns , how to make your own patterns, and how to make your projects with purpose.

    This Class Has Space for 10 Students


    For the class key, contact Minnie Eerin minnietmc@gmail.com


    Items Needed:

    • Basic crafting supplies
    • Basic ritual tools
    • Access to herbs, oils, and gemstones
    • A way to send photos
    • Yarn of assorted colors.
    • Knitting Needles in the sizes 2mm, 6mm, 7mm and 8mm
    • 1 set of 4 double pointed needs size 5
    • 1 circular needle size 7
    • yarn needles (also known a s darning needles, come in plastic, have blunt tips)
    • scissors
    • A stitch counter (optional)
    • a stitch gauge (optional)
    • Measuring tape
    • Place markers (look like small plastic hoops)
    • Graph paper
    • Point guards (optional, these are little caps for the tips of your needles so when you are storing your project you are working on you won't drop any stitches)
    • Crochet hook size 5mm

    In this class you will be creating:

    • A protective needle case
    • Personal power cloths
    • Altar cloths
    • Lace bookmark
    • Rune pouch
    • Tarot mat wrap
    • Magickal shopping bag
    • Water bottle tote
    • Divination pouch
    • Dream pillows
    • Spell pouches
    • An afghan

    You must provide Certificates of Completion for:

    • Witch Crafting 101 Basic Crafts
    • Hall Pass
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