• In this class, we will be learning about the traditions of the Norse Religion and the people that followed it. You will learn the history, basic beliefs, mythology, and various spiritual practices and rituals.

    This Cla ss Has Space for 10 Students

    To enroll, contact Dani Dracaena at SacredSerpentsss@gmail.com


    Items Needed:

    • Arm Ring(or bracelet)
    • Drinking Horn(or chalice)
    • Ritual Bowl
    • Evergreen Branch or Sprig
    • Ritual Supplies
    • Crafting supplies
    • 24 smooth, flat and roughly the same size stones, clay, or wood
    • acrylic paint.
    • a small paintbrush
    • A flat surface to work on.
    • Something to store your runes

    You must provide Certificate of Completion for:

    • Hall Pass
    • Norse Gods
    • Norse Goddesses
    • Creating Your Own Rituals
    • The Wheel of the Year 100
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