• In this course, you will be learning about:

    • Smudging
      • Smudge Sticks
      • Incense
      • Homemade Smudges/Incense
      • Sea Salt and Water
      • Herbal Infused Water
      • Essential Oiled Water
    • Cleansing with Running Water
    • Cleansing with Sea Salt and Earth
    • Cleansing with Sunlight and Moonlight
    • Cleansing with Vibrations
    • Cleansing with Pyramid Energy
    • Cleansing with Personal Energy
    • Cleansing with Gemstones

    There is some hands on activities in this course.

    To learn more about this class, check out the Janury 2017 Podcast in the WTMC Radio Station located in The Welcome Center section of the school!

    Currently not accepting new students due to a course rewrite! An announcement will be made when available!

    This class has space for 0 students

    For the class key, contact Savanna Moon at lsavannamoon@gmail.com

    Items Needed:

    • Smudge Stick
    • Incense
    • Water
    • Cleansing Herbs
      • Possibilities include Sage, Mullein, Sweetgrass, Pine, and Lavender
    • Cauldron
    • Charcoal Disks (optional but helpful)
    • Incense Burning Sand (optional but helpful)
    • Sea Salt
    • A Bell/Tuning Fork/Drum/Gong
    • A Radio with favorite song
    • Crafting Items
    • Gemstones 
      • Amethyst
      • Quartz
      • Obsidian
    • Ritual Tools
    • Essential Oils
      • Frankincense and Myrrh

    You Must Provide Certificates of Completion for the Following:

    • Entrance Exam

    This class has a class pack available

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