• In the first class you have learned how to use your deck for basic readings and have a clear understanding of how your deck works and the meanings of the cards.  In this class we use that understanding to create unique lay outs and special reading methods to help you focus your energy to get the answers you need.

    This class has space for 0 students

    For the class key contact:Minnie Eerin minnietmc@gmail.com




    Items Needed:


    • A true tarot deck (not an oracle deck, this must have 78 total cards. 22 cards are Major Arcana and then 4 suits of of 14 cards each). You can choose the artist you wish. If you are unsure if your deck is a basic tarot deck please contact the instructor and ask.
    • An Image Editor
    • Access to fonts and images
    • At least 3 friends
    • Sage Stick
    • Amethyst stones and or moonstones and or other psychic tuning stones
    • Access to ritual supplies, herbs and oils
    • Microsoft Paint or a similar image creator software


    You will need Certificates of Completion for:

    • The Entrance Exam (Hall Pass)
    • Basic Tarot 101
    • Pinterest Pagans
    • Numerology 104
    • Correspondences of Spellcraft series
    • Symbolism

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