| Tuesday, 21 March 2017 |
Global event
Student-Mentor Run Study Group 11am EST
11:00 AM » 12:00 PM

Student Run study groups are run by students in the  Facebook Chat Group.

Study Group is done in the Student Run Study Group located in The Welcome Center in the Meeting Hall classroom.

Hosts: T.S.and  Amber

Global event
Ostara Ritual 1pm EST

This ritual will take place in The Circle classroom in The Ritual Room. Please remember to arrive no later than 15 minutes before the ritual begins.


Ritual Host: Minnie Eerin minnietmc@gmail.com
Time: 1pm EST


Ostara Ritual

Blossoming  of the Spring

By Minnie Eerin


Goddess Egg

Cakes and Ale

Earth Egg


God Egg

Water Egg

Packet of seeds

A flower pot


Air Egg


Cup of water

Fire Egg

Lavender Smudge Stick



Pre Ritual – Create your eggs 24 hours in advance.  Make sure you have egg holders or stands for each of the eggs.

For the seeds, choose some flower seeds appropriate for your area, do a little research and find ones that will represent peace, harmony and love.

For the flower pot, choose and decorate the flower pot the way that you want it.  You can paint it or decorate it.  Put a layer of small stones in the bottom of the pot to help with drainage.


Magickal Eggs

You will need

6 Eggs, hard boiled

White wax crayon or small chime candle will work as well.

Egg Dye in Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, Pink and Purple (and if you can find silver and gold egg dye or silver and gold glitter)



Mix the egg dye following the instructions on the packet or if using food coloring you can put vinegar in a bowl and add the color drop by drop. Using the wax crayons create symbols and words on your eggs that represent the purpose of the egg.  So for example, the Egg you are using to represent Air you can put the Symbol of Air or the word Air Elemental or Sylph or draw a fairy or a bird or anything you feel that represents Air to you, then dip it in the yellow dye.  The longer you let it sit in the dye the darker it becomes.  Then do this for each egg, Fire would be red, Water would be blue, and Earth will be green.

For the God and Goddess eggs draw a symbol that represents the God or Goddess and you can put your specific patron’s symbols or names if you would like.  If you can find silver and gold (there are metallic egg coloring kits available, or you can dip them in dye and then coat them in gold or silver glitter.  Or use pink for the Goddess and purple for the God or you can choose colors sacred to your specific deity)

Place in an air tight container or egg carton until time for the ritual.

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