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All courses here are free 100% of the time!

The Magical Circle School

Owned and run by Colleen M. Criswell

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  • Basic Rules

    • Please read everything in The Magical Circle School Information
    • PLEASE NOTE IT IS NOT ADVISED TO USE ONLY A PHONE TO ATTEND THE SCHOOL.  There are many things you will need a computer or tablet to do, so we suggest that if you only have a phone that you wait until you have something that can do all the activities at the school.
    • Your first class must be the Entrance Exam from which you will get a Hall Pass. You must have a Hall Pass to take any courses at the school.
    • Enroll in no more than 3 courses unless given permission by the High Priestess. You must be enrolled in a class within 5 days to be seen as active.
    • You must log into the school at least once every 30 days or you will be removed from the school. You must also log into each class you are enrolled in and turn in at least one assignment for each class you are enrolled in every 30 days or you will be removed from the classes. It is a good habit to log in every 14 days so as not to be seen as inactive.
    • Check Ins must be done by the 4th of the month at 11:59 pm server time or you will be removed from the class.
    • You must be 18 years or older to join the school without parental consent. To get the form for parents to fill out please contact Colleen Criswell
    • If your account was deleted and you rejoin the school you MUST retake the Entrance Exam!
    • We no longer accept accounts with emails from Yahoo, Outlook, Facebook or AOL. You will have to choose a different email account if you want to be a member of our school.
  • Need supplies? Check out the school's Bookstore
    Check out the school's publications at our Newsstand
  • A Note On Class Packs

    When you look at some of our classes you will notice that they offer class packs. These are not mandatory in order to take the classes. They are put together by your instructor because they feel they may help you out with the class. You do not need to purchase a class pack to take a course, but they are nice to have.

    Class Key
    Before you can join classes at the school you must first set up an account with us.

    When you register for the school you will get a welcome email stating that you should have received a one time class key. That email is incorrect and unfortunately I have not found out how to change it. You will not get a class key. In order to join the Entrance Exam class you must email Colleen Criswell at and request to join The Entrance Exam.


    Get Text Reminders

    If you would like to get texts reminding you of events at the school such as online rituals we can do this for you!

    To receive messages via text, text @themag to 81010
    Or to receive messages via email go to
    Also check the AppStore and GooglePlay for the free Remind App!
    The school code is @themag
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Show comments
  • Picture of Andrea Lezama
    Andrea Lezama - 11 Jan, 22:51
    hello everyone, i'm looking forward to getting to know you all better and to move forward in my craft.
  • Picture of Ems Madison
    Ems Madison - 12 Jan, 09:00
    Hi, Im Emilee, friends call me Ems Im so excited to start this journey while being surrounded by like minded cats! Looked around at a lot of online options and ended up here!

  • Me
    Carla Hoskins - 12 Jan, 17:52
    Merry Meet everyone! We 'crash landed' into our new home 8 hours away from the old a few days ago! It's good to be back online and back into the grove of studying!
  • Christal M
    Christal L Merkey - 12 Jan, 21:47
    Gees, i was trying to attend ritual tonight and it flopped for me. I cant do loud noise (on my end) lol. Maybe next time!
  • Happy and with people I love.
    Crystal Tuminelli - 13 Jan, 06:52
    Good morning! Can anyone guide me as to where in the student lounge I would put my entries for the "Journaling" part for the entrance exam. The assignment wording says its to be done in 'my' student blog.
    A hint towards the right direction would be greatly appreciated.
  • Happy and with people I love.
    Crystal Tuminelli - 13 Jan, 07:07
    Wait...I have to request to create a new blog under student blogs,, right?
  • Colleen Criswell
    Colleen Criswell (Teacher) - 15 Jan, 11:57
    If you do not have a blog set up, Crystal, then yes you need to get one set up. However if you have already completed the assignment Joining the Student Lounge then you already have a student blog.
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